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Vratislav Klemera

Bass Guitar


Vratislav was born in Hradec Kralove, north east of Bohemia, part of the Czech Republic.

Coming from a town with Bechstein and Petrof piano factories and many other small musical instrument workshops, he could not help but be interested in music and engineering. Starting with piano, he later learnt to play classical guitar. He was brought up on Bohemian Brass bands and Glen Miller Big Band Jazz, which was very popular in the Czech Republic.

After moving to England, he studied at Laban College of music and dance (now part of Goldsmith conservatoire) and the London Contemporary Dance School. 

Vratislav has toured with various small theatre companies in the UK and Norway (and is still is a member of Equity) playing music, acting and dancing. During his time on tour he picked up the bass as there was always a shortage of bass players. 

Eventually Vratislav met Edward with whom he shared a love of Gypsy Jazz and together they started the present group.



Composers from Bach to Brubeck.

Bass players Jaco Pastorius, Leyland Sklar, John Patitucci and Charles Mingus

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